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T-shirts Vietnam

Knitted fabric cutting T-shirts -The knitted fabric after all the required processing is bought in to our factory and then it is cut either manually or with machine depending the volume of the order and segregated according to the shades in the colors of the knitted fabric. We have the capacity to cut knitted fabric for the production of 7000 pieces of T-shirts per day. Sewing workshop. May ao thun




Sewing of the t-shirts

Once the fabric is cut, it is then bought in to the sewing section of our factory and is sewn in to the required garments using Flat lock and Singer machines. The production plan we follow in our factory is Line Production plan and we have supervisors, who are responsible for each line of production. Approved Pre-production samples is hung on to a hanger in each line along with the specs sheets with buyers comments so that supervisors know exactly how the garments should look and can verify if there is any doubt in the production. We also follow a system called "Seven point system" where in the supervisors checks the quality of the garments manufactured using the seven points (Which is hung on each of the machine in the factory) every 2 hours per machine so that the mistakes can identified and rectified on the spot. We have the necessary machines to produce 60,000 T shirts per month.


 Checking of the t-shirts

We follow a method called STICKERING in the checking process. It is the process where in the checking, if there any faults are identified in the T-shirts, an arrow mark sticker is stuck to the T-shirts mentioning the faults and they are kept separately. The good quality t shirts are moved on the next process where the Faulty t-shirts are sent back to correction, if the faults cannot be rectified then those T-shirts are destroyed. in ao thun


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